Prius News Archive

  1. 2018

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    4. June

      • Owners who have been hoping to see Toyota pay for damaged to the electrical system by rodents may want to look away.

        A judge in California has ruled in favor of dismissing a soy-wiring l...

  2. 2017

    1. December

  3. 2016

    1. December

    2. October

      • Toyota is being skimpy on the details, but they did announce a parking brake recall for the 2016 and 2017 Prius.

        “Toyota is recalling about 340,000 Prius cars worldwide, including about ...

    3. July

      • The curtain shield airbags in your car have two chambers that are welded together. That weld keeps those chambers hugging and happy. The only problem is, someone did a really bad job welding 1.4...

    4. June

  4. 2015

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      • Toyota once said that the Prius is “harmony between man, nature and machine” but that all sounds a bit out of tune to Greg Reynante. Mr. Reynante filed a lawsuit alleging Toyota deliberately mis...

  5. 2014

    1. September

      • Toyota thought the scourge of unintended acceleration was finally behind them. They had, after all, recalled millions of cars, paid hefty fines to the government, entered talks to settle hundred...