Judge Doesn’t Buy Claims of Soy Wiring Lawsuits

Owners who have been hoping to see Toyota pay for damaged to the electrical system by rodents may want to look away.

A judge in California has ruled in favor of dismissing a soy-wiring lawsuit because, in the court’s eyes, the problems don’t violate the terms of Toyota’s express warranty.

“Considering this considerable variance, it isn’t clear that Toyota could have specifically articulated any increased “risk” to any particular part of Plaintiffs’ vehicles because of the soy coated wiring.” - Judge Andrew Guilford

The judge goes on (and on), eventually explaining that automakers can’t be held responsible for “external actors.”

“Plaintiffs are, in effect, asking the Court to stretch the implied warranty of merchantability to include some promise that no external actor will later harm Plaintiffs’ vehicles. The Court declines to extend the doctrine so far.”

It’s a huge blow and could set the precedent for other pending cases.