New Unintended Acceleration Petition Filed

Toyota thought the scourge of unintended acceleration was finally behind them. They had, after all, recalled millions of cars, paid hefty fines to the government, entered talks to settle hundreds of class-action lawsuits and even paid out $1.6 billion to owners because the trade-in value of their vehicles had diminished.

Besides, the world’s attention had turned to GM’s ignition switch fiasco. So are Toyota’s problems with unintended acceleration in the rearview mirror? Not so fast, or in this case … slow.

A Rhode Island man, Robert Ruginis, has filed a petition to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claiming Toyota vehicles continue to suffer from unintended acceleration at slow speeds. The petition was prompted by Mr. Ruginis’ personal experience with the problem, but he’s also gathered evidence on 83 additional incidents – resulting in 34 injuries – involving 2006-2010 Corollas surging at slow speeds.

We are awaiting NHTSA’s response. Because it’s the government they’ve given themselves a generous 120 days to respond … that even has snails thinking, boy, that’s slow. For more information or to read the petition, visit our website. If NHTSA moves forward with an investigation, we’ll let you know about it.

Here’s your chance to make a difference. If you’ve experienced strange surging or problems braking (or any other issue with your Corolla) tell us about it. There is a growing list of evidence supporting this petition’s claims:

Want to hold Toyota responsible for this problem? Here’s what to do:

  1. Add your complaint to
  2. Forward this email to anyone else you know who owns a 2006-10 Corolla. Or tell them to sign up for their own free alerts
  3. Share this story on Twitter or Facebook to get the word out.

If you complete any of those steps we’ll give you our most enthusiastic virtual high five because you’re awesome.