Highlander News Archive

  1. 2018

    1. July

    2. June

      • Owners who have been hoping to see Toyota pay for damaged to the electrical system by rodents may want to look away.

        A judge in California has ruled in favor of dismissing a soy-wiring l...

  2. 2017

    1. December

  3. 2016

    1. December

    2. October

      • This just in from the team at Toyota: sensors work much better when they’re connected during manufacturing.

        “Toyota says federal safety standards require a vehicle to activate a warning ...

    3. June

      • A minor label issue is about to become a major pain in the butt for 2,500 Toyota and Scion owners.

        Why do automakers bother with recalls about stickers? Because of federal law:


      • How hot do you like your seat heater in the winter? If you like it really toasty — as in, with an actual flame — you’ll probably love one of 7,700 Toyota vehicles with seat heaters that catch on...

  4. 2015

    1. March

      • Toyota says the power steering circuit board in 110,000 vehicles might have been damaged on arrival, prompting a recall. The circuit board was probably messed up during assembly and can cause a ...

  5. 2014

    1. September

      • Pop quiz – name two things that don’t mix well because they’re highly combustable. Go ahead, I’ll wait … if you said flammable liquids and sparks you’re absolutely right! Bonus points to anyone ...

      • Toyota has been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging the Highlander has a rear liftgate that can get stuck open. The lead plaintiff, Annita Emerson, says her 2009 Highlander liftgate got stu...

    2. May

      • Toyota says dealers need to reprogram the airbag electronic control unit (ECU) in the 2014 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid for a dangerous misunderstanding.

        The software used to determi...

    3. March