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  1. 2019

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      • Owners who have been hoping to see Toyota pay for damaged to the electrical system by rodents may want to look away.

        A judge in California has ruled in favor of dismissing a soy-wiring l...

  3. 2017

    1. December

    2. January

      • Toyota. Takata. Recall.

        Those are three words that I’m tired of typing and you’re sick of hearing about. Yet here we are with another recall of 543,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles that hav...

  4. 2016

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      • Your vehicle might be involved in one of the largest and most dangerous recalls in automotive history.

        Toyota is expanding two previous recalls by bringing back an additional 330,000 Toy...

  5. 2015

    1. January

      • It’s Friday, so in the immortal words of Loverboy I feel I can say that “everybody is working for the weekend.” That is, unless you’re one of the defective airbags in over 2.1 million vehicles. ...

  6. 2014

    1. June

      • Last April, Toyota was involved in a worldwide recall of over 3 million vehicles with defective airbag inflators from parts supplier Takata. The inflators have been rupturing and sending hot shr...

  7. 2013

    1. May

      • Toyota is taking part in a massive 3-million vehicle recall of inflators that can explode and send shards of metal throughout the cabin during an airbag deployment.

        Takata said the prope...