Common Toyota Exterior Problems

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Where Exterior Complaints Happen

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What Toyota Owners Say About Their Exterior

Water Leaks into Tacoma Cabins Through 3rd Brake Light

3rd brake light over torqued at factory resulting in defective seal and eventually cracked light fixture. This results not only in electrical issue but serious leaking into cabin - affecting rear seat, roof, and flooring. Leak noticed after rain storms and noticing wet floor/seats and damp floors.

2016 Tacoma Owner

Water Leaks into Tacoma Cabins Through 3rd Brake Light

Rain and car wash water will come in the cabin of the truck due to a lose rubber gasket that was not fitted properly to the truck bed light. I also had Toyota check for rust in the cabin once they took the piece off.

2016 Tacoma Owner in TX

Water Leaks into Tacoma Cabins Through 3rd Brake Light

Water came in through the back of the cab from the outside cab light I noticed it while going through a touchless drive through car wash. The water soaked through on the headliner and seat leaving a water stain and possible mold. I took the car in to a Toyota dealership and it was confirmed that the water was coming through the cab light on the outside of the truck. This problem was posted on Toyota's bulletin by other 2017 Tacoma owners.

2017 Tacoma Owner

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  1. If your car or truck has an optional accessory like running boards, chances are Southeast Toyota distributors put them on ... and I use that term loosely.

    The distributor recently admitted that many accessories probably weren't attached with the proper torque and can fall off. Whoops! Since dropping a running board at 70mph on the highway is a serious safety concern, Toyota is recalling 3,942 vehicles to address the problem. That includes some:…

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  2. Toyota has been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging the Highlander has a rear liftgate that can get stuck open.

    The lead plaintiff, Annita Emerson, says her 2009 Highlander liftgate got stuck after the power lift arm broke, eventually causing the hinge to bow. The repair set her back $4,700 and happened just after her warranty expired. The lawsuit says there's evidence Toyota knows of this defect following a technical service bulletin (TSB) they issued to dealers in 2012. The TSB says the 2008-12 Highlanders have gaps between the power lift arm bolts and the rear gates, causing the liftgates to get stuck. Dealers were told to replace the back door hinges and the panel sub-assembly, but only if the owner complained.…

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