Optional Accessories Keep Falling Off

If your car or truck has an optional accessory like running boards, chances are Southeast Toyota distributors put them on … and I use that term loosely. The distributor recently admitted that many accessories probably weren’t attached with the proper torque and can fall off. Whoops!

Since dropping a running board at 70mph on the highway is a serious safety concern, Toyota is recalling 3,942 vehicles to address the problem. That includes some:

  • 2014-15 [4Runner][4]
  • 2014-15 [Tacoma][5]
  • 2014-15 [FJ Cruiser][6]
  • 2014-15 [Land Cruiser][7]
  • 2014-15 [RAV4][8] (2013-15 owners see below)
  • 2014-15 [Scion FR-S][9]
  • 2014-15 [Scion xB][10]

If you’d prefer your accessories stay attached, keep an eye out for a notification directly from Southeast Toyota Distributors. Notifications have already begun shipping. Questions or comments? Contact the distributor at 866-405-4226 and give them recall number SET-14B.

But wait, there’s more for RAV4 owners!

It was also announced that any 2013-2015 RAV4 equipped with an accessory trailer light could have a problem with those lights randomly turning off.

It turns out the software that controls the trailer lights is really over-protective when it comes to detecting electrical shorts. In that, even when no short exists the software will freak out like a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat and poof go your trailer lights. Not exactly the best thing to happen at night.

That problem is also being recalled and should begin around February 23rd. Owners may contact Southeast Toyota Distributors at 866-405-4226 and refer to recall number SET-15A.