Toyota Tries to Get Out of Sticky Dashboard Situation with Warranty Extension

One of the automotive world’s worst science projects is coming to an end. Toyota dashboards have [long been known to melt and warp][19] under the heat of the sun. The deformed dashes have also been known to extrude a strange, goo-like substance that is oddly shiny and sticky; like something you’d find in a toddler’s coat pocket.

This led to some understandably upset owners and a couple of lawsuits. Feeling the heat of pending litigation, Toyota announced they will extend warranty coverage on the dashboards in 3.5 million vehicles rather than go to court. I guess they wanted to avoid a sticky situation (I never promised that the jokes would be good, folks).

Details on the Warranty Extension

Toyota says there will be multiple phases and forms of coverage for this warranty extension. What, you expected something simple?

  • Phase one will focus on covering the costs of those who have already paid for dashboard repairs out-of-pocket.
  • Phase two will only start once phase one is complete. This second phase is when Toyota will look at deformed dashboards that haven’t been replaced and determine if they should be covered. (Oh, and all of this will only start once Toyota gets enough replacement parts.)
  • Toyota will also have a primary and secondary coverages based on the date and mileage of the car.

Here’s the bottom line: any owner that can show their dash has been damaged by heat or humidity should be eligible for the extension – at some point – up until May 31, 2017. It gets a little more complicated after that so I recommend not waiting around until then. For all the details visit

Vehicles Eligible for the Extension

To find out if your vehicle is eligible for the dashboard warranty extension, contact Toyota at 800-331-4331 or Lexus at 800-255-3987.