Owners Are Still Waiting For Replacement Dashboards

It’s been a while since Toyota announced their extended warranty program for melting dashbord in 3.5 million vehicles. So, how are things going?

According to [a] lawsuit, when Toyota first announced the warranty program the automaker notified customers and said it could take months to gather the replacement parts. However, Toyota then sent a second notice that removed the information about a timeline for repairs.

Oh, well it can’t be too long before everyone gets their replacement dash, right?

[The plaintiff] says after waiting more than a year for the dashboard to be fixed, her dealership told her there were about 800 customers on the same waiting list and the dealer had received only about 25 replacement dashboards during the past six months.

At that pace, not everyone will receive their free repairs before secondary coverage expires. No wonder Toyota is [being sued for breach of warranty](https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2016/toyota-sticky-dashboard-lawsuit-warranty.shtml.