SUVs Recalled a Third Time for the Same Problem

The rear suspensions in some Toyota SUVs have been recalled a third time for the same exact problem. The automaker thinks it’s time to try something different. Gee Toyota, you think?

Rear suspension arm failures first popped up four years ago in the 2006-2011 Toyota RAV4 and 2010 Lexus HS 250h. Toyota issued a recall and blamed the problem on some nuts that weren’t tightened to spec. Cool, seems like an easy fix.

About a year later the same vehicles were recalled again for, you guessed it, rear suspension issues. This time dealers were told to inspect the tie rods for corrosion and slap some epoxy on there to prevent future damage.

OK — nuts tightened, epoxy applied, good to go, right?

Nope. Those band-aid fixes just aren’t holding up. Toyota is cutting its losses and replacing the suspension arm assemblies entirely. Let’s hope the third time is a charm.