Toyota Camry Musty A/C Lawsuit

The Toyota Camry stinks and now there’s a lawsuit intent on proving it.

The Camry’s ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) uses an evaporator inside the vehicle’s dashboard. According to the plaintiffs, as cold refrigerant passes into the evaporator it mixes with warm air from the passenger cabin to create moisture.

The condenser moisture mixes with things from the HVAC’s outside vents – dead insects, pollen, leaves, and other fun stuff – to eventually turn into a moldy and stinky mess.

The Camry lawsuit says Toyota has known about the problem since at least 1997 when the automaker sent a technical service bulletin to dealers concerning a musty smell caused by the evaporator. The plaintiffs argue Toyota should have told Camry owners about the odor problems and stopped selling the cars until the problems were fixed.

With the HVAC running, the system pumps musty air into the cabin and is especially noticeable when first starting up. As you can imagine, breathing in microbe-filled air has been linked to serious health problems.