FJ Cruiser Steering Knuckle Recall

Toyota admits they might have forgotten to tighten the two bolts that hold the front lower ball joint to the steering knuckle on some 2014 FJ Cruisers. Loose bolts are, predictably, really bad at holding things together. In this case, all these bolts do is hold some critical steering components in place so you can control the direction of your vehicle and I’m sure we’ll all be fine … sigh.

The problem has been recalled and only affects a very specific set of FJ Cruisers with a specialized suspension. Here’s what you need to know:

The problem: As mentioned before, loose bolts can allow the lower ball joint to separate from the steering knuckle. Say goodbye to your steering control when that happens.

The fix: Toyota will tighten the bolts they were supposed to tighten in the first place, or replace them if they’ve already fallen out.

The affected models: 1,800 model year [2014 FJ Cruisers][3], but only those with the optional Trail Teams Ultimate Edition package with specialized traction control and suspension.

Next steps: The recall is expected to begin in late September. I suppose Toyota just wants you to keep your fingers crossed until then. With any questions, give ‘em a ring at 800-331-4331.