Small Number of Sienna Minivans Recalled for Rolling Away

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Toyota is issuing a tiny recall for a big problem. The automaker announced 263 Sienna minivans have a transmission issue that could lead to the vehicle rolling away, or going forwards when you expect reverse. Here's why:

The Problem: The transmission shift control cable may have a damaged protective sleeve. A damaged sleeve means a damaged cable -> a damaged cable means the gear shifter could display the wrong gear -> the wrong gear means you walk away from your "parked" car only to find out it was actually still in "reverse" -> finding out your car was still in "reverse" means an awkward call to your insurance company.

The Fix: Inspect and replace the protective sleeve, if necessary

The Affected models: 263 model year [2014 Toyota Siennas][3].

Next Steps: The recall should begin this month. Affected owners can call customer service at 800-331-4331 or keep an eye on your mailbox for an official recall notice soon. Not literally, though -- putting your eye on the mailbox sounds painful and might alarm the neighbors.

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