Oil Sludge in Toyota Engines

Oil Sludge in Toyota Engines
Engine Sludge in Toyota Engines

What is Oil Sludge?

Sludge is the thickening of engine oil. It's caused by moisture and contaminants that break the oil down, causing it to gel and reducing its flow and lubrication qualities.

Toyota's Engine Sludge Settlement

Toyota settled a class-action engine-sludge suit in 2007 that covered an estimated 2.5-million Toyota and Lexus vehicles made between 1997 and 2002. Toyota agreed to repair the "sludged-up" engines for up to eight years from the time of purchase.

Toyota Vehicles Covered by Oil Sludge Settlement
Make Model Years Engine
Lexus ES300 1997-2005 3.0L V6
RX300 1999-2005 3.0L V6
Toyota Avalon 1997-2005 3.0L V6
Camry / Solara 1997-2005 2.2L four-cylinder
3.0L V6
Celica 1997-2005 2.2L four-cylinder
Highlander 2001-2005 3.0L V6
Sienna 1997-2005 3.0L V6

Toyota has staunchly maintained that any such “oil-gel” problems are attributable to owners’ abuse or poor maintenance habits. Despiute that, the automaer did set up a mechanism to reimburse complainants. The language of the settlement appears to include reimbursement to those people who may have already paid to have their sludge damage repaired.

Actions You Can Take

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