Tacoma Owners Pool Together And File a Rusted Frames Lawsuit

Oh, Tacoma! Just days after Toyota recalled 690,000 trucks for corroded rear suspension leaf springs, an Arkansas man has filed a lawsuit claiming that isn’t the only thing rotting away on these trucks.

Plaintiff Ryan Burns says hundreds of thousands of Tacoma owners have trucks with rusted frames that need repair or replacement and they shouldn’t be responsible for the cost. He states that Toyota is aware of a problem with their frames because:

  • They extended the warranty coverage in 2008 for frames on older trucks (1995-2000 model years)
  • They issued a limited service campaign last month for Tacoma trucks in the “rust belt” states

Burns says these fixes don’t go far enough to cover all the affected trucks from the 2005-2009 model years. He also thinks it’s a bit fishy that limited service campaign information wasn’t advertised to the public.

You can read more information about the lawsuit on our website.