Avalon Subwoofer Fire Recall

Like something out of a bad music video, the subwoofers in the 2011-12 Toyota Avalons are catching on fire.

The problem doesn’t have anything to do with how loud you crank the volume or how many times your local station plays that Taylor Swift song – although let’s be honest, it could use a break1. Instead, it all comes down to the subwoofer’s exposed wires. When something in your trunk slides around it can knock the speaker’s wires out of position. Once that happens, if they come in contact with the woofer’s metal frame you could be singing come on baby, light my fire on your next commute.

Toyota hasn’t announced when the recall will begin or what they’ll do to fix the problem, because that would be helpful. Instead they’re simply telling dealers to unplug the subwoofer. Total buzzkill, guys.

Concerned owners can contact Toyota customer service at 800-331-4331.

  1. Yes, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.