Power Steering Circuit Recall

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Toyota says the power steering circuit board in 110,000 vehicles might have been damaged on arrival, prompting a recall. The circuit board was probably messed up during assembly and can cause a sudden loss of power steering. If you're traveling at slow speeds and your power steering suddenly goes away, pulling over to the side of the road is going to feel like you're steering through a vat of caramel. That sounds delicious, by the way.

The affected vehicles are mostly new, including:

  • The 2015 Camry, Camry Hybrid, Highlander, and Highlander Hybrid.
  • The 2014-2015 RAV4. Sorry 2014 RAV4 owners, not sure how you got roped into this.

Toyota didn't say when the recall will begin. Instead they want you to wait with bated breath -- non-bated breath is fine too -- to receive an official recall notice in the mail. Once the recall begins, Toyota technicians will replace the power steering control unit if your car "falls within the affected range."

Owners with questions or concerns can call Toyota at 800-331-4331.

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