Court Battle Over Prius Gas Mileage Claims Continues

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Toyota once said that the Prius is "harmony between man, nature and machine" but that all sounds a bit out of tune to Greg Reynante. Mr. Reynante filed a lawsuit alleging Toyota deliberately misled consumers about the fuel efficiency of the 2004-2007 Prius. The lawsuit says the manufacturer ignored factors such as weather, air conditioning and other things that can hurt MPGs. Toyota says it followed the EPA guidelines.

The case is finally moving forward after six years -- SIX! -- under California's Unfair Competition Law and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act. Maybe Mr. Reynante's case is as inefficient as his car?

If anything comes of the lawsuit -- and for the love of everything, let's hope that doesn't take another six years -- we'll let you know about it. In the meantime...

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