Popular Models With Bad Welds Are Leaking Gas

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Pop quiz -- name two things that don't mix well because they're highly combustable. Go ahead, I'll wait ... if you said flammable liquids and sparks you're absolutely right! Bonus points to anyone that said republicans and democrats which is also 100% correct these days. Toyota recently announced it is recalling 20,000 vehicles that could experience gas leaks. Anytime flammable liquid is somewhere it shouldn't be, there's a chance for fire. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know:

The problem: Toyota hasn't said much about the problem other than it involves a bad weld in the engine compartment which they blame on a third-party supplier. Pointing fingers is very unbecoming, Toyota. The automaker said the weld can fail on the "end cap of the right-hand fuel delivery pipe" allowing gas to leak.

The recalled models: The 2014 Toyota AvalonXsc, Toyota CamryXsc, Toyota HighlanderXsc, Toyota SiennaXsc and model year 2015 Lexus RXXsc cars equipped with the 2GR-FE engine. In total, the recall affects about 20,000 vehicles.

Next steps: Owners of the affected cars will receive a notice from Toyota to schedule an appointment with a dealer. The fuel delivery pipe will be inspected and replaced if the pipe was made by a specific supplier.

Toyota owners can contact customer service at 800-331-4331, while Lexus owners can call 800-255-3987.

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